Tony’s Cabinetry Process

All cabinets are not equal. The quality of your cabinets goes much deeper than the finished look when they’re brand new. The two elements most critical to the long life and beautiful appearance of your cabinets are (1) the material used and (2) the construction process employed.

Tony’s cabinet boxes are more substantial than many other cabinets out there, made with ¾” plywood side walls and a ½” back. (Most other cabinets are made with ½” side walls and ¼” backs.)

The plywood is pre-finished on all six sides, not just the sides that are visible when the cabinets are installed. This style of finishing keeps moisture out of the wood and is critical to ensure the longest life of the boxes.

Pre-finishing is independent of the final finish, in the color(s) of the client’s choice. Tony only uses non-toxic, biodegradable paints made for long life and durability. The surfaces on the finished cabinetry are glassy and smooth, beautiful to look at and easy to keep clean.

Tony uses domestic, renewable woods grown in sustainable forests. He was “green” long before it was fashionable. For example, white maple is an excellent option for many kitchen cabinets, and its look is popular and versatile.

All of Tony’s drawer faces and cabinet doors are made using mortise and tenon construction. Many other cabinet makers staple or nail their doors and drawer faces together. If you’re shopping around, this should be one of the first things you ask about.

Furthermore, Tony builds his drawers using dovetail construction. Again, if you ask around, you’ll find that most other cabinet makers staple or nail their drawer boxes together. The difference is immeasurable.

If your drawers are stapled or nailed, every time you open them the staples or nails loosen a little bit. If the drawer is made with dovetail construction, the dovetail will actually tighten a little bit with each use. A dovetailed drawer will stand up to years of heavy use.
Hardware (door hinges and drawer slides) is another area where some cabinet makers cut corners. If it’s cheaper, lower quality hardware you’ll see the difference. The reveal may not be perfect. Adjustments are generally limited. Drawers will eventually strain or fail under the weight of your pantry items or cookware, or they may not fully extend when opened. Tony only uses quality hardware, including full-extension drawer slides. The result is the best possible appearance and worry-free heavy use.

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